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Lovetalk 3


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Just a little debut of one of the lovetalks, this one by BigRob.



Boo: <CHARNAME>, Ma'am, an I assk you a sseriouss quesstion?

PC: 1. Of course you can Boo, what is it? (to GoAhead)

2. Can this wait until later? (to Later)

3. Close your big-cheeked head and get back in line, freak. (to BooAngry)



Boo: You ssee <CHARNAME>, I wass wondering how you felt about the change I've gone through. I know I've been making more trouble for you, but I hope that I'm sstill ass usseful now ass I wass when I wass a proper hamsster.

PC: 1. No matter what body you've got, you'll always be useful. There's no one who compares to my Boo. (to HappyBoo)

2. Of course. You and Minsc are still a great team! Let all evil beware, for <CHARNAME> Minsc and Boo are here! (to MinscandBoo)

3. You were trouble enough when you were two inches long. At least now you can fight worth a damn. Now go stand with your keeper. (to BooAngry)



Boo: Oh Lady <CHARNAME>, I'm sso happy to hear that. I'll keep trying ass hard ass I can to live up to your hopess for me! [End] Increment [booLoveTalk] +1


Minsc and Boo

Boo: I ssee. Thank you for being honesst with me, ma'am.

PC: 1. Right then, let's go on. [End]

2. Is there something wrong. (to Wrong)



Boo: It'ss jusst. I thought I wass worth ssomething on my own. Minssc iss...my dearesst friend, but I hoped I wass more than jusst hiss ssidekick.

PC: 1. But you are Boo, you are. You're a hero in your own right, but together, you, Minsc and I are unstoppable! (to HappyBoo)

2. You're a useful party member Boo, but we can't all be great heroes. (to SadBoo)



Boo: I ssuposse you're right <CHARNAME>. Come on, the otherss are getting ahead of uss. [End] [booRomance]=3



Boo: Ah, I guesss sso ma'am. I'll assk again later. [End] increment [booLovetalk]-1



Boo: There'ss no call to be sso rude <CHARNAME>. I'll get back where I belong then. [End] [booRomance]=3

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