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Sample Anomen - Boo Banter


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Boo: “Ssir Anomen…aren’t you feeling a bit cold thiss eve?â€Â


Anomen: “Cold? What are you babbling about you rodent.â€Â


Boo: “I jusst thought that with the way you are shedding your fur you musst be getting cold.â€Â


Anomen: “Shedding?â€Â


Boo: “Yess. Why, there is a sspot on the back of your head eassily half a hand’ss sspan. And it lookss like ssomeone tried to hide it. Tut, tut…poor grooming for an otherwise handssome man.â€Â


Anomen: “Watch what you say, Boo. I do not take kindly what you are implying.â€Â


Boo: “Implying? I only thought you musst be feeling cold. Bessidess I have a gift for you.â€Â


Anomen: “I am quite fine, thank you very much. And a gift? You needn’t put yourself to the bother.â€Â


Boo: “Oh, it is nothing much I spent all night making it for you. The color iss a little off, but I think we can change that in town. And don‘t worry, my hair will grow back.â€Â


Anomen: “…â€Â

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