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#183 (0xb7) Item: Apply Effect Itemtype [183]


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I thought I'd try and test this opcode (IESDP lists it as UNTESTED).


Ok, using DLTCEP's search function, it is found (I think) in the following scripts:



Found in block #0:MultiPlayerSync()(183)


Found in block #2:MultiPlayerSync()(183)


Found in block #0:MultiPlayerSync()(183)


Found in block #0:MultiPlayerSync()(183)


Found in block #3:MultiPlayerSync()(183)



I tried building a wand that uses it, but I have not managed to get it working (I've tried the timing modes of Duration, Permanent, While Equipped, and Trigger). So far it does nothing.


Does anyone have any advice as to a good testing strategy?

Has anyone else looked at this opcode (i.e. am I re-treading explored ground, as it were?).



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Item: Apply Effect Itemtype [183] is an effect opcode.

The search you've done appears to be for script actions - these are opcodes too, but... a different kind :)

To look for effect opcode #183, you'll need to search in eff, spl and itm files (not script files).


However, I'm pretty sure #183 is not used in any games files, so, you'll just have to test with no existing examples to base your work on.


As for testing strategy - just alter the various parameters and see if you can get any effect to show. It's generally good practice to change only one parameter at a time, then you can be sure it's that parameter thats generated any changes you may see, but, if you've got no idea where to start, and you're getting no results, you may just want to change them all at once :)

If you want to be thorough, you should check verious values in param1, param2, param3 (external eff's), and the resource key, for various targettypes. Also note that if values of 0,1,2,3... don't produce an effect, values of around 1000, or the field could even be acting on bit-values (put values that are 2^x in as see).


Though, not to discourage you, I think that opcode #183 is actually broken . Still, do some testing - if it works - awesome! :)


Whatever you do, document what you're trying. If you get bored/give up, post what you've tried, and so the next person can carry on.

Thanks for showing an interest and taking the time to try and test something! :p

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Thanks for the advice Igi!


I did actually wonder if the #183's I found in the scripts were a different kind of opcode, but I couldn't be sure.


I did search spl, eff, & itm's, and found nothing (actually, I think one of the searches, eff IIRC, failed for some reason - but I am not at home ATM so I can't check until tonight).


Anyway, I'll give it another look, but I'm a bit busy for the next couple of nights, but I do think you're right - it doesn't work (OTOH, it hasn't caused a crash, yet).


The reason I decided to have a look at this was that I was getting frustrated trying to beat improved Sendai (without invoking the Finger of God :) )! And this opcode looked like it might be useful (although it seems to trigger, if it ever works at all, based on item type, rather than specific items - based on the IESDP description).



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