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A request: N64 Adaptoids

Grim Squeaker

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I was just wondering if anyone knows of anywhere you can get hold of N64 Adaptoids (http://www.adaptoid.com/the_adaptoid.htm), as everywhere I can find is sold out (yes, including the links on the site).


Any links would be appreciated. Cheers all!


PS: Yes, I know about Boom N64/PSX to USB converters but they don't work terribly well so I'm looking for an alternative. One that doesn't involve me soldering the thing together manually!


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Well looking at the price now, I'm not gonna bid :)


I have found a solution to the Boom PSX/N64 to USB adapter problem (if anyone is interested). The N64 part will working faultlessly if a PSX controller is also plugged in, for some reason.

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