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MSPS = spider, small

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The small spider's damage and death sequence sounds are invalid:

 REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~smspid03~ ~SMSPID01~ // optional
 REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~smspid04~ ~SMSPID02~ // optional
 REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~smspid0[56]~ ~SMSPID03~ // optional (for 6; there is no 5)
 REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~smspid08~ ~SMSPID06~ // required
 REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~smspid09~ ~SMSPID07~ // required

One from my secret stash (optional):

 SET_2DA_ENTRY 9 1 2 ~0~
 SET_2DA_ENTRY 11 1 2 ~0~

I like this one, especially the damage sound (if it were possible for a chicken to be indignant, this is what it would sound like). The frames need to be 0 here or the sound won't play.


I have not been able to figure out why the carrion crawler sounds won't work (I've tried every 2DA variation I can think of, to no avail). Force the issue:

~^CAR\(CRA01\|RIO\(SU\)?\)\.CRE$~ ~OVERRIDE~
 SAY 0xc8 #5874
 SAY 0xcc #5875
 SAY 0xdc #5877
 SAY 0xe0 #5877
 SAY 0xe4 #5876
 SAY 0xec #5879
 SAY 0xf0 #5880
 SAY 0x010c #5872
 SAY 0x0110 #5873

This is 100% optional, but it would be nice at least for the summoned (CARRIOSU) variety.

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I'd say kill POLYCARR (I don't know if anything lets you polymorph into a carrion crawler in-game, but you shouldn't ever hear the sounds anyway). Also, do a quick check for CARCRA01 in NearInfinity (ARE, BCS, and DLG). I doubt it's used (no sense in updating it if it's not).

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