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Romance Conflict


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Okay, this is just a small bit to show you that I'm actually back writing. This is a small conflict, if you will, during one of Aerie's lovetalks.


The lovetalk (#7 for Aerie starts with this). As you know, both Jaheira and Viconia have something to say as well:



AERIE: I...I have been looking at the scars...on my back. The stumps that were...that were once my wings. They do not...they do not make me truly homely, do they? Am I...am I ugly to you?



Depending on how hard it is to code, there may not actually be any conflict depending on where the Bhaalspawn is in regard to lovetracks for both women.


If the PC picks up Aerie first, and romances her for quite a while, then Del definitely has no claim on his affections.


Delainy: "Aerie, when one is trying to attract a mate, they should put their best paw forward, not the splotch in their pelt."


Aerie: "Mate? I...I don't even know what you are talking about."


Delainy: *chuckles*


Aerie: "Maybe it was silly of me to ask you, <CHARNAME>. I just... respect your opinion." (cut to choices)



However, if the romance is advanced far enough for Del, then she would definitely feel another woman would be an interloper.



Delainy: "Your stench is more sickening than your scars."


Aerie: "What? Wh...why are you saying that Delainy."


Delainy: "Your mouth lies, but your scent doesn't. You desire him. I can taste it on you..."


Aerie: "Go away, Delainy, I don't want to hear about your delusions. M-maybe it is silly of me to ask you about my scars, <CHARNAME>. I... I just respect your opinion."

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