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Corrupted then an overhaul?


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Let me first say I don't mind corruptin. My NPC Kido, does this to Nalia in ToB (provided you took her longer with you). However, I let her fall CN, as that still goes pretty logical with all her banters and stuff and the way she is corrupted.


If I am not mistaken this MV mod is for SoA. Thus all the banters of Nalia ought to change, including her soundset. I mean: "How are we helping the less-fortunated, dreatching around in her"? just doesn't fit LE. I know Bioware also intended this in ToB, but then I reckon they did not do it as it implies a lot and some of those lines where already taken out of ToB. Besides, LE is like tyrant, thus the exact opposite of what Nalia wants. Perhaps corrupting her in steps, but that would mean even more work.


Moreover, I can understand you not wishing to give to much spoilers, but the corruption of Keldorn seems impossible to me to someone who only visits the PC at a few nights. I think Keldorn would also take action against this evil that lurks around the PC. Or perhaps goes away as he disapproves of the affair.


Sorry, to sound so sceptical, but I am just bewilderd on how you wish to handle this. I mean no offense, I just don't know how you are ever going to pull this off.

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Corruption is handled by MV having cycles of independent conversations with every NPC. Yes, NPC banters will be 'canceled' once NPC is corrupted and new banters will be added for corrupted NPCs. Nalia's soundset will be fine with her new persona :)

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