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Talking to Drini, Game Crashes.

Guest ocoini

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Guest ocoini



I crash to desktop after clicking continue. I have no idea if The Gibberlings Three Anniversary Mod is the cause, but the Drini quest comes from it right?


installed mods:


Big Picture


Redemption 1.1.3

Imoen Romance Add-on Mod BG2:SoA(ToB required!)v1.201


setup-ease.exe - (Weimer ease of use?)

-You Must Gather Your Party Before Venturing Forth

-Wear Magical Armor AND Magic Rings (etc.)

-Allow Multi-Player Created NPCs to "Wait Here" When Kicked Out

-Imoen ToB Dialogue Fix

-Female Edwina


One Pixel Productions BG2 Artwork Fixpack

AjocMod Weidu v1.5

Bonus Potioncase and Ammobelt to Deidre's store

Pocket Plane Banter Pack for BG2: Shadows of Amn

Black Rose Part I: Market Prices

the Cal(culator) mod



-Additional Shadow Thieves' Content

-Alternative Harper/Xzar Plot

-Extended Reynald Sequence

-Money Lending and Debt Problems

-Miscellaneous Encounters


Dungeon Be Gone V1.4

EdwinRomance v1.0.2 beta


Edwin Romance ToB v 1.0.2 beta

-New ending for Viconia Romance by Laufey


Freedom's Reign (SoA or ToB)

-Reign of Virtue


The Gibberlings Three Anniversary Mod

Getting Rid of Anomen - A cutscene for the Kelsey romance.


setup-itemupgrade.exe (weimers item upgrade?)

-Shadows Of Amn Item Upgrades

-Throne Of Bhaal Item Upgrades


Kelsey v2.1: for BG2 - SoA

-Kelsey/Solaufein Content: Banter and Romance Conflict


Kelsey: ToB - Version 2

-Kelsey/Solaufein Romance Conflict

-Ascension-specific dialogue



-Keto/Kelsey Interaction


Xmas Mod v1.0

Munchmod v2.6

NPCFlirt pack


Improved Oasis II - Dialogue Enhancement

Improved Oasis II - Combat Enhancement



-Tougher Sendai

-Alignment Correction

-Class Tweaks/Fixes

-Altered Spells

-Monk High Level Abilities


PlanarSphereMod v2.0

PlanarSphere_Return_v2 Weidu

Saerileth Romance Mod v2

Solaufein Romance for Baldur's Gate II

Turnip Golem Encounter


SETUP-UB.exe (Unfinished Business)

---everything except:

-Restored Encounters

-Restored Hell Minions, by SimDing0

-Yoshimo's Original Portrait

-Anomen's Original Portrait

-Justifier Kit

-Feralan Kit


Setup-Underrep.exe (Underrepresented Items From Icewind Dale 2





...Think I got them all.. :p

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Yoshimo has had his strings scrambled somehow--neither of Yoshimo's lines from either screesnshot are actually from G3A, though those are places where he is supposed to interject. From the context, I'm guessing it's a conflict with Tortured Souls (I think that's the one where you redeem Yoshimo), part of Big Picture.

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The weird text sounds like it is an install order issue, in which case a reinstall is probably the best bet.


I've not played Big Picture, though, and since reinstalls seem to be common for BP players you might have luck asking if there's an alternative general solution on the BP board. :)

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