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Chorister kit


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Hi, I'm working on my Lockheart Mod, and I've come to the realisation that none of the original bard kits suit her. She is somewhat of a singer, so I thought the Chorister kit would suit her quite well. I have two questions: Would the kit function properly without having the S&S core component installed? If it functions, might I use it as Lockheart's kit? (No idea how I'm going to manage that, but that's another matter)



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You can use it, yeah. :)


What you should to to accomplish this is:


- Use my files installed in your .tp2 but give the kit a different internal name (i.e not A!CHORISTER). Blank out the bit for making it player-selectable.


- Create your character as a trueclass bard.


- Add the kit by patching her .CRE in the .tp2.


That way it will have the abilities of the Chorister, will not require SnS, will not conflict with SnS, and will not add an extra PC option. :)

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