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Crazy Celvan Limerick

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Crazy Celvan is the little guy who does limericks: a light or humorous verse form of 5 chiefly anapestic verses of which lines 1, 2, and 5 are of 3 feet and lines 3 and 4 are of 2 feet with a rhyme scheme of aabba... It is not a must - only a handful of Bioware's characters get one - but it would be nice to have. If someone could compose one for Kivan, that would be great :)


The examples of his art from the game are:


There once was a warrior true,

with the sense knocked out of him, too.

but in a hamster he found,

some wisdom profound,

and now where goes he goes his Boo!


There once was a man full of woes,

strong and mighty he smote all his foes.

Soon he'll take his Test,

to him it's no jest,

if he'll pass not even he knows.

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:: de-lurks::


Writing limmericks for NPC characters, canon and fanon, is a pet hobby of mine, if you'd believe it. Here's one I composed for Kivan, abeit, more serious in nature... since Kivan's a serious character. If you're looking for a different aspect of Kivan, theme, punchline, or perhaps more humorous, please tell me. ^^ I'd be happy to give it another shot.


When someone you love has been slain

And your own heart split into twain

If the grief threatens you

There's just one thing to do

Deal out arrows for all of your pain

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Vengence will not ease your pain

tho' arrows stream down as if rain.

Does she sleep in your heart,

does choice keep you apart?

Could you face losing her once again?


Hmm, not very light -hearted, but then he isn't either, very often.... :)



He searches for love had & lost.

Vengeance pursued at all cost.

Tho' she rests in no grave

there is honor to save

with passion as cold as the frost....



Hmm, just can't seem to get that Jan Jansen feel happening here... :)


Bah, give me ten minutes and I'll come up with a good one. ;)

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Guest The Raven

These are really good poems but they don't have the traditional Celvan feeling. I'll try to think of some that perhaps retain more of a Celvan-y feeling. Keep up the good work!

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These are really good poems but they don't have the traditional Celvan feeling. I'll try to think of some that perhaps retain more of a Celvan-y feeling. Keep up the good work!


Thanks for the reply ... I'm not even sure what a "Celvan-y" feeling IS, so I'd be interested in seeing yours. :) Might help me get more on track.

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Well, I don't know if this is Celven-y either but I'll give it my best.


There once was an elf full of pain,

His arrows fell from the sky like the rain,

For he misses his love,

His pure hearted dove,

Perhaps he shall see her again.


that one didn't turn out as I had hoped. Here's a second attempt.


There once was an elf of the wood,

Along side with his maiden he stood,

But down came his dove,

His only true love,

And now all thats left is his hood.


This one's better but I still don't get the feeling I want. Oh well.


And on a side note I notice most (if not all) his limmericks start with

"There once was a/an..."

As with the two above and Aerie's one.


"There once was an elf who could fly,

Without wings she was sure she would die,

but soon she'll have found

That it is on the ground,

That he true destiny does lie."


I can't remeber Jaheira's or Valygars though I am certain his starts with

"There once was a man so afraid,


Anyway, keep working hard. This mod is definetly worth it.



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I think I might just end up with an additional enconter where Celven is challenged by other characters with all this limericky goodness LOL Thank you for adding to the collection. My only reservation is that 'dove' in Bg2 contest is quite stringently associated with Aerie :) Anyone wants to give a shot at Deheriana's one just for the heck of it?

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