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Question About Soundsets


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ATTACK1 is a generic battle cry.

ATTACK2 is attack-slash.

ATTACK3 is attack-backslash.

ATTACK4 is attack-jab.


Or something. The numbers could be different or whatever (I've never tried to match them up; they could be the actual sequences, or just a series of WAVs to play when the object runs any attacking sequence). These won't ever never ever be used for anything in the default files (BioWare incorporated the anisnd stuff from Black Isle; the sequence sound slots are largely irrelevant in BG2).

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I thought it was for monsters like, say, an orc, who goes "grunt grunt" when he does attack 1, and "grugrugrunt" when he does attack 2, and so on. Check the m*.2da files, which I think deal with that.


Okay, yeah, mor1.2da has the melee orc avatar's sounds in it. Not sure what specifically attack and attack_slash and all that relates to, though.

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Attack sequences. The file lists animations sequences, and which sound to play and at what frame the sound should fire.


In Baldur's Gate, the sounds were all assigned manually, so look to see how it's used in CRE files there.

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