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Adding new sound effects with NearInfinity! What do I need to do to these wavs to make em compatible?

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Heya! I'm hacking an amateur little mod together and want to replace some sound effects. I've got it working architecturally, but the specific wav I snagged off YouTube and exported through Audacity is...not...working well. Specifically, it plays in slow motion, and with nightmarish fizzing static over it. I thought maybe it was the "Duration" of the sound effect, but changing that from 6 to 2 (on a 2.5 second wav) didn't seem to change anything.

Any thoughts? I also can't preview the wav inside NearInfinity. While toying with this I ended up loading a wav I'd created off mic in Audacity, very similar, and it can preview-play just fine. Actually, testing real quick...yeah that one doesn't work either, no fizz, just silence!



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WAVs are tricky and some format options can also be trickier. Now I'm not sure how the game's audio engine works, but it could be just one of the properties (one of those lossy-WAV formats the game might not support, like say IMA ADPCM) or the file being in stereo or having a frequency outside the 44 kHz range.

For the record, most of the audio in the EEs are even encoded to mono VBR OGG files which are just renamed to have the WAV extension.

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eyyy converting them over to mono oggs and renaming em wav worked!!! couple mooore questionnns o lord of sound, you're truly enabling me in my goofy little projects round here:

1. can I shift the timing on either the animation or the sound relative to one another? my spell's animation goes off a good second or two before the sound, doesn't line up very nicely. if I could delay the animation or hurry the sound, I could line em up. I tried changing the "duration" of the sound effect...hmm...maybe I could add empty frames to the beginning of the animation? he says with great optimism

2. do you know where the "end of effect" sounds are defined? specifically this is for a conjured weapon, I've got myself an effect for it but can't find an effect_ends attribute to change. if they're general...I might change it anyway, tbh, globally redefine the despawn sound.

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