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Themed Tweaks Mod updates to Version 0.2 with Improvements!

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Themed Tweaks Mod

by Lauriel

Themed Tweaks' main purpose is to augment the role-playing environment throughout the game series. To that end, it tweaks the story in various places.


  •     SoD - Give Imoen a special Wand of Magic Missiles for the attack in the palace
  •     SoD - Allow PC to give aid to Imoen after the attack in the palace
  •     SoD - Ditch tour-guide Corwin Schael
  •     SoD - Remove dreams about Irenicus from SoD
  •     SoD/BG2EE - Add a little snark
  •     SoD - Remove cut scenes that the PC shouldn't be privy to (finished through the first camp)
  •     SoD - Stat-based observations and options
  •     SoD - Quest: Scouting the Coast Way Crossing
  •     BG2EE - Give Imoen innate Magic Missile abilities for BG2 scene
  •     BG2EE - Use movie of Irenicus in hell as a dream to restore all Bhaalspawn powers.  This component is also offered by the Transitions mod and will be skipped if installed there.

Version 0.2 comes with fixes and improved compatibility. It also fixes the incompatibility with The Boareskyr Bridge Scene mod.


- Fixed compatibility problem with The Boareskyr Bridge Scene mod.
- Fixed install error of component "Allow PC to give aid to Imoen after palace attack" on BG:SoD.
- Revised general scripting to increase general compatibility.
- "Add stat-based observations and options": Wrong variable references fixed; Reply option about Hooded Man inside the palace will only show if the Hooded Man was inide the palace; Added WEIGHT #-1 to Edwin's dialogue so it won't get blocked; cutscene changed to make texts better readable; setting of variable for generic NPC dialogues will not loop; Corrected string reference error for BG:SoD.
- "Allow PC to give aid to Imoen after palace attack": Added prefix to variable (for Liia's extra line).
- Added link to mod thread at G3 to tp2 and ini.
- Updated install order syntax in themed_tweaks.ini and added globally unique LABELs for PI.
- Typo correction.




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