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Coran romance, problem


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When team goes to sleep, appears Coran LT (sing bird, romantic & erotic scene). After, appered Coran's flirt( of his own accord) ad infinitum...Flirt get stuck, wrrrrrrr, reapet again and again, it's so irritating.

Sorry for my poor english :undecided:

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Can you let me know what text exactly appears repeatedly? If it is the "The campfire dwindled..." etc then try setting CoNight GLOBAL value to 2 if it is not 2. If it's the 'rain' flirt, which I think it is, please set CoRain to 3. Even if it is not 'rain' text, but CoRain is at 2, please reset it to 3. It should stop the conversation from reoccuring. :undecided:

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Yes, I understand, but the Rain flirt is the one that has open variable (still - I did not fix it properly) that might forces the repetitive dialogue and the script grabs for the one on the top of the J-file which is the regular flirt.

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I found the problem, Neysa.


There is an original block of script that has no variable restrictions (typical BG1!) which makes Coran go into his J-file IF his wyvern timer expired and a wyvern was not killed yet. I will be editing the block putting on the GLOBAL, but a simple remedy for you is to summon _WYVERN.CRE via CluaCONSOLE (or zip to the cave where wyverns are in abandunce) and kill it (boy, with your party I hacked it to pieces in two rounds, lol). That will stop Coran from trying to talk to offer you his flirt menue. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I have not seen this trouble before. Below is the culprit piece of code:


 !Dead("wyvern")  // wyvern

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