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Spell Revisions today : The components ; Synergy with oher mods (Klatu, TotLM,...)...

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Following a discussion with @subtledoctor (see below for the link) i open this thread to explore the components of SR (or SRR) to confirm some synergies with other mods and discuss about component (not the main component) :

Klatu :

2080 - Drop Equipment on Disintegration         -  @subtledoctor confirms that this component is not needed if Spell Revisions is installed.

2090 - Drop Equipment on Petrification            -  @subtledoctor confirms that this component is not needed if Spell Revisions is installed.

2100 - Drop Equipment on Imprisonment        -  Waiting for a confirmation to know if this component is needed with SR ?

I don't know if other components from the Klatu mod may be irrelevant with SR / SRR installed.


TotLM :

30 - Dispel Magic Fix - Before Trials of the Luremaster (cf. TotLM readme).

As written in TotLM readme and just confirmed by his author @argent77"Spell Revisions component "Dispel Magic Fix" interferes with the special dying behavior of revenants and trolls, making them unkillable by normal means. To work around this issue, install that component before the main component of this mod."


The SR components (which ones to keep in an install order and the ones that are becoming  "irrelevant") :

0 - Spell Revisions

10 - Deva and Planetar Animations          - Any feedback about this component ?

20 - Mirror Image Fix                                   - No more protection from AoE spells

- As pointed out by @subtledoctor : Does MI still block AoE spells after eight patches from Beamdog?? It can't, can it? I would love it is someone could give a definitive answer as to whether this component is still needed, because if it's not needed then it should be disabled for the new engine.

30 - Dispel Magic Fix                                   - Before Trials of the Luremaster (cf. TotLM readme)

- Now there is at least a marginal chance of dispelling effects of a higher-level mage ; Also corrects problems caused by the automatic dispelling of all magically created items.

- Does this component aslo become "irrelevant" ?

55 - Spell Deflection blocks AoE spells

- AoE spells like Fireball, Horrid Wilting pierce through Spell Deflection spells (b/c not knowing how to handle AoE projectiles. The patch changes that (with charges used).

- Exception with "stationary" spells like Cloudkill and Ice Storm that trigger multiple times over a duration...

60 - Update Spellbooks of Joinable NPCs

65 - Revised Warrior HLAs





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