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Energy Blade Appearance (minimod)

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I'd be interested in feedback:


This was barely worth bundling into a Weidu mod actually, two files altered, SPENBLD.bam and SPENBLD.pro.

The non-cosmetic properties of energy blades as weapons in game are unchanged, i.e. if they do slashing rather than missile damage in your install (definitely my preference, neither mages nor clerics get a lot of chances to directly deal slashing damage).


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No worries, to clarify, this is a Weidu mod with an exe setup in the package.

I was going to make some gifs of how the new blades look in game, but the recording software I have is borked.

For now, some more angled shots:


And the original energy blade (non-directional):eneblade.gif.9fa9bda8835f0f7555668b975c1a175f.gif

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9 hours ago, Endarire said:

Is this mod EET compatible?  (I assume so, but I'm checking.)

Yes, any porting of old style bams and pros to the EE's works, even though those allow new functionality for these filetypes. Except of course for those games which don't feature the Energy Blade spell.

9 hours ago, Endarire said:

I also request you upload this to a GitHub repository so it's preserved and more easily discoverable.

I don't have a GitHub account and I don't see how it makes it easier to discover. Modders on these forums link to their repositories on GitHub, not the other way around. The main advantage of GitHub is easily finding previous versions if a revert to an earlier iteration of a mod is necessary due to emergent bugs,  given the simplicity of this mod which overwrites 2 files it shouldn't be.

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