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The Gibberlings Three Welcomes the Moebius Toolkit

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The Gibberlings Three

G3 is pleased to welcome the Moebius Toolkit, a new game tool from suy. The Moebius Toolkit, one part of a larger Moebius Project, is a desktop application (with a web-based alternative for your convenience) which consists of a set of loosely related modules. All of them have been useful while playing and discussing the Baldur’s Gate games, mostly for powergaming, balance checking (e.g. for mod creators), discussing the design of the videogames and AD&D 2nd Edition or just satisfying my curiosity. Hand in hand with hosting the Moebius Toolkit, G3 has added a Theorycrafting forum for discussing character and party builds or comparing equipment, as well as support for the Moebuis Toolkit itself.

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