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Removing XP CAp from BG1 EE

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How do I remove the XP cap from BG1? I want my Fighter to get to level 9 before dual classing to Druid, rather than level 8, so he needs 250,000 XP

I vaguely recall TeamBG tools for extracting BIF files from Chitin.key, but Enhanced Edition has Chitin.key and a bunch of BIF files in data. The XP cap.2da is in Default.bif.

I tried adding loose 2DA files to data, but it's not working. It works for games like Skyrim where extracted, loose files take priority over bsa files, but I can't seem to get this idea to work with BG1 EE.

Cheers!  :D


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12 hours ago, southfla79 said:

Tweaks Anthology has a component to remove XP cap.

Yes, that's where I got the 2DA files, but how do I install them?

I downloaded cdtweaks-v15.exe, as the other two files looked like they were for Macintosh and Linux, but I cannot seem to install the XP changes.

It seems I am supposed to use setup-cdtweaks.exe, but there is no such file. I do have setup-cdtweaks.tp2

EDIT: My own stupid fault, the exe was one step up in the directory structure, I seem to have installed it now!


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