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1. I didn't test, but for GemRB it will work both ways (it won't check if a non-actor has money or not).

2. Yes, it deduces gold from the Sender (performer of the action), at least if it is an actor.

The maximum gold is reduced by the actor's current gold amount.

3. No, it cannot be used this way. The value is treated as unsigned. So -1 means, give ALL of my gold.


As a note, I tested TakePartyGold, in the original engine, if the Sender is a party member, the gold will be 'hidden' in that actor's gold stat. If the actor leaves/rejoins, the gold will be added back to the party's pool.

This will be changed in GemRB, if a PC gains gold (in gold stat), it will be automatically added to the party pool.

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