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v2.0.5 - Specific feedback here please

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Hey there, found some bugs/inconsistencies around the Boomerang Dagger upgrades, mostly around Acid-Etched.

Magical returning daggers like Boomerang Dagger/Firetooth baseline physical damage is 2D4, the Acid-Etched and Element's Fury returning daggers are 1D4 (this may be intentional due to their other power?).

Specific to the Acid-Etched Dagger +3 and +5:

  • Description doesn't mention it returns to the Wielder's hands
  • It's APR is 1 instead of the 2 of throwing daggers
  • Swapping between throwing and melee don't say Thrown vs Melee just the name of the dagger twice.
  • It's ranged Throwing THAC0 benefits from both strength and dexterity bonuses instead of Dex on thrown and Strength on melee.

The above errors don't exist on the Element's Fury upgrades,  just wielder is spelled "weilder".

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The Shimmering Sash is supposed to be in Rassad's  starting equipment in SOD. This only works if you never recruit him during the main game. If you did recruit him, his equipment will be the same as it was when he was last in your party. I don't know how you could change this though. Maybe place the sash on Corwin, or another character that is new in SOD. 


Also, I don't find the gauntlets of Elven Might anywhere on Balduran's ship.  Am I not looking in the right place, or is there something I have to do first? 

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Guest DiesIrae

Just got a thunder trust scroll (which i think is from this mod) from mulahey in nashkel mines. It says on the describtion level 6 but reads to level 5 in the mage spell book.

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