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Anyone has both Kivan and Solaufein in the party?

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If someone has both Kivan and Solaufein in the party, and would not mind alpha-testing Cross-mod banters between the two warriors, please let Grim know! Unfortunately I will be leaving in a week, so I cannot do it myself :undecided:

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Guest John mackey

Hi Domi,


I am currently running BG2 with TOB installed and just finished up the underdark.

I've got The Pc, Kivan, Soulafein, and Imoen in the party. I would be more than willing to beta test the banter for you if you would like.


Now I got to find out how in the heck to get his wife since this is the second time through with these 4 in the party. Is it true I need a cleric in the party? After all I don't run with one since there are plenty of ways around a cleric. My pc is a fighter/mage/thief which currently he can use any item.



Now if you would like me to beta test for you you can email me at redneck1st@hotmail.com.


Any info you need just ask and I'll do my best to let you know.


John Mackey

Aka: redneck1st@hotmail.com


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I'm the one that wrote the reply in regards to being a beta tester. Soulafein is always in my party after I leave the underdark; after all he's a great party member and gets one hell of a sword.<G> I also will be running kivan in the party and possibly Aerie depending on the feed back I get from a new posting I've made here.


I also have a mod installed for multiple strong holds so I usaully run the thieves, ranger, druid and Paladin strongholds as well in the game. Along with the expanded thieves guild. I posted that I've got a saved game with them currently just need to know how to send it to you.


I'm currently running beta version2 and just downloaded version4. Will install it after I see the replies for which I get from you or others to my questions in my new post.






P.s. will give more feed back on the mod after I get through the thing and obtain his wife. Was hoping to get her allot earlier in the game though,.

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