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Update Spell Tracking

Guest morpheus562

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Guest morpheus562


One of the big things I do with my ai scripts is create many different spell states to improve overall spell tracking. If there is an interest, I'm happy to include these in the EE Fixpack for vanilla spells so other modders can take advantage of better spell tracking. This can help with making better enemy ai or if someone wants to make their own custom ai scripts.

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Sounds like that stuff would be appropriate for inclusion in Detectable Spells. 

Hey! Maybe this is a good time to update Detectable Spells! To have it detect the EE games and default to using spellstates instead of binary proficiencies. Then @morpheus562’s stuff could be included.

With the recent trend in people dusting off old mods, if we had a drop-in-ready new version of DS, maybe it would percolate out to mods we once thought would never be updated again. That would free up a bunch of stats that could be more useful than the equivalent number of spellstates. 

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