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Can fatigue be used as a condition for a spell?

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I've created a spell which executes the first effect. Is it possible for when the caster is suffering from fatigue, a second effect is cast?

Using NI, I can get the second effect to happen for other conditions using the CAST SPELL ON CONDITION parameter by calling a second spell containing the second effect but I can't find an option for the second spell to trigger with the fatigue condition so I'm wondering if this is possible.

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You need to add a line to SPLPROT.2da checking for the value you want* in the FATIGUE stat. Fatigue is stat #30 so:


* I don't know what value constitutes "fatigued," maybe someone around here knows or you can find it on the internet? but once you know what value you want to use as your threshold, replace the three instances of "xx" in that line with your value.

Then you need to figure out the line number of SPLPROT you added. This  can be different  in everyone's install, so you need to check in Weidu:

COPY_EXISTING ~splprot.2da~ ~override~
  READ_2DA_ENTRIES_NOW rows cols
  FOR (row = 1; row < rows; ++row) BEGIN
	READ_2DA_ENTRY_FORMER rows row 0 ~stat~
	  SET fatigue_row = %row%

(Note you need the same replacement for "xx" here.)

That sets the “%fatigue_row%” variable to represent your fatigue threshold. Then you can add an effect to one spell, which conditionally casts a  second spell when fatigue is equal to or greater than your desired value:

COPY_EXISTING ~spell_1.spl~ ~override~
  LPF ADD_SPELL_EFFECT INT_VAR opcode = 326 target = 1 parameter2 = %fatigue_row% timing = 1 STR_VAR resource = ~spell_2~ END


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I don't know whether this is relevant to this idea (I don't understand a word subtledoctor posted). Just a heads up that some mods, for example my "7th party member" NPC mods use fatigue for detection of whether the group rested. I.e. they check for fatigue = 0, do their things, wait 15-20 s and then increase fatigue by 1 if no other mod didn't do so already. Just to let you know that there is mods that tinker with the fatigue value (and also need fatigue = 0 after a rest for at least 15 s).

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Nice! And don't worry about compatibility, it won't be an issue unless you use this to detect fatigue = 0 in order to test for whether the party has rested.

Now that you've got it working, the only thing I might suggest for compatibility would be to add your modder prefix to the "FATIGUE_OVER_7" phrase at the  beginning of the line you add to SPLPROT.2da.  E.g. I would personally make it "D5_FATIGUE_OVER_7"just  to avoidany possible conflict if someone else adds a line with "FATIGUE_OVER_7." Granted the chance of that actually happening is extremely small...but adding a modder prefix makes it guaranteed safe.

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