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Kivan/Solaufein testing...

Grim Squeaker

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As you probably know Crossmod is almost ready for version 3, but I still need one section of material testing: the Kivan of Shilmista/Solaufein banters. So if anyone has these two installed and are willing to test the material, could you give me a PM or post here?



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I think I have both Kivan and Solaufein. Just wondering, though, which one will I have to reinstall to get both CrossMod to work? Or is CrossMod a separate module? Reason being, my Solaufein installation is embedded waaaay at the top of my WeiDU file... (not sure if my Kivan installation is early either)

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Ok, for all those who have beta-tested, I've found the flaw. It appears Wes didn't give Sola a banter file, gah. I'll get back to you once I've tweaked the code.


Edit: Oh and Zyraen, thanks for the offer, but I think I've got enough testers.

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