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The breakable flag doesn't break weapons in EE and possibly original BG2, and possibly has conditions for working in original BG1

Guest Lambda

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It seems that the breakable flag doesn't make a weapon breakable BGEE, even in chapter 2 before Nashkel mines are cleared. Or if it does, the odds are incredibly tiny because I let the bashing last for quite a while at 10 attacks per round. (Tested on an unmodded game, though with SoD installed.)

I also have untested suspicions, if anyone can confirm or deny:

  1. The flag possibly doesn't make a weapon breakable in the original edition of BG2
  2. In the original BG1, the breakable flag possibly stops breaking weapons starting from either chapter 3 or 6. I'm saying 6 because it's the point at which breakable weapons "done the BGEE way" stop breaking at that point, when Davaeorn dies.
  3. In the original BG1, either the magical flag, an enchantment > 0 or both prevent the breakable flag from working

Might be worth adding something about it in the ITM file structure description.

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So basically, assuming point 2 is correct, the breakable flag has no effect (or an effect unrelated to breaking weapons) in any game except the original edition of BG1 and even then, only before chapter 3 (or perhaps 6) and only on non-enchanted weapons (and perhaps enchanted but non-magical weapons). Sounds like a super niche flag then ^^

Sorry I don't have the original BG1 installed at the moment, only the game folder, so I can't straightforwardly test to confirm.

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You can use the breakable flag with 280 DestroyAllFragileEquipment(I:Type*Itemflag)   If you really want. But in BG2(EE) the flag is reserved for something else. BG(2)EE gives you the option to define your own flags and destroy the items using this script action. (Like adamantite is done when returning from the underdark). The unused flags in itemflag.ids are free for scripters. 



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