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Compatibility with NPC_EE on EET [split from Endless BG1 - A Mod for BG:EE, BG:SoD, BGT, and EET!]


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4 minutes ago, jastey said:

I'm surprised this is a thing at all, considering the NPCs are supposedly in the group at the end of SoD and the items from group members are removed. 🤷‍♀️ In other words: if NPCs have a tome they need to keep, NPC_EE needs a solution for this, anyhow?

The tome is a single-use thing. It's like SCS NPC Customization, fired from an item. You use it once, choose someone's class and stats, then it disappears. You would not have any reason to still have the tome on party members who are with you during a campaign transition. But the way NPC_EE works, it just adds the tome directly to the inventory of every joinable .CRE file. So if you never had Jaheira in your party, it will be on her person and once she joins for the first time you can use it to change her stats. As described above, I guess this script was removing items from the inventory of Jaheira even if she had never been in the game before (starting a BG2 campaign directly) and would have therefore have nothing in her inventory that needs removing.

I'm not aware of any sorcerers who transition from one campaign to another... wait, I guess there's Baeloth. If the player has TnB's "Sorcerer Spell Switching" mod installed, I guess it could break Baeloth's ability to learn new spells in the transition from BG1 to SoD. I haven't tested this (never had any desire to have Baeloth in my party) But I guess I should. That mod might need firming up. Or, the scripted removal could exempt the AMMO3 slot. (Though I don't know if that is really feasible.)

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