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BG2 Automap Notes


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BG2 > ARE > Automap Notes:


I noticed the missing data in IESDP and did a quick test to reveal the remaining unknowns. I'll just fill in the offsets that were unknown and leave the rest out.


0x0008 (word) = Flag: text location
0 = strref at 0x0004 is external (TOT/TOH)
1 = strref at 0x0004 is internal (TLK)

0x000C (dword) = Note count +10


The remaining bits in the structure definitely appear to be unused, probably reserved for future expansion that never took place before BG2 shipped.


I tested this by going into Trademeet (AR2000), which already has map notes. I added my own and then examined/compared the structures. The first map note had a count of 11 (map note #1) with mine coming in at 23 (map note #13). Mine also had the flag set to 0 whereas all others were set to 1.

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