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Why doesn't Petrification (134) make blue-circled NPCs red? It has the "hostile" flag

Guest Warren

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3 hours ago, Guest Warren said:

do you have a database of annotations and other comments that you wouldn't mind making public?

I'm afraid I don't have much written down. At this point I just know the engine really well, so I can look things up quickly. If you haven't tried it out yet, I would recommend Ghidra to look at the engine internals. With Ghidra + the PDB you have a pretty good C-like view of the code, though the more complicated functions still need a fair amount of cleanup. And, unfortunately some of the core engine functions are really long, (like the sprite AI processing), which ends up giving Ghidra trouble.

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Guest Warren

That "joining and leaving the party" changes things is not surprising. But I didn't expect "being petrified while having nothing to do with the party" to clear Default script! Maybe a note in the status effect's IESDP description? I'll keep in mind not to use Default either way, I guess :)

I'll give another try to Ghidra next time then, not sure why I put it aside back then. Maybe it doesn't have dynamic analysis with a debugger? Forgot.

Anyway thank you everyone :)


PS: In testing the hostile flag, I noticed that Otiluke's Resilient Sphere has the hostile flag. But it doesn't make neutral innocents go red reliably. Sometimes multiple otilukings are necessary for some reason...

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