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Question to Compatibility "Two-Handed Axes" - Breagar NPC

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I installed Breagar NPC and then the tweak "Two-Handed Axes". In NI I see that Breagar's Axes (Berronar's Axe in all upgrades, ACAXE.itm, ACAXE2.itm, ACAXE3.itm) are now c!ax44.itm, c!ax45.itm, c!ax46.itm, respectively.

The compatibility code I think was from you @CamDawg (?) worked with c!ax43, c!ax44.itm, c!ax45.itm. Since I can't read TA's code, are the numbers I have locally the ones I need to consider, are they fix?

Also, I need an ingame way of detecting the tweak, because the quest character needs to swap axes, which is not considered yet. Is there anything, a variable that gets set or something? EDIT: I solved this with a TakeItemReplace("c!ax44","ACAXE",Myself) for now, if there is such a weapon it will happen, if not then not, I guess that works. OK, understood now that the one-handed / two handed ability can be switched.

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@Thacobell for the current version, Bteagar's Axe of Berronar might be swapped with a normal Axe +x if changed to the two-handed version, and if he uses the two-handed version he might not get an update after smithing.

I think if you leave his Axe as one-handed it should be OK.

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