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A little confused as to upgrades

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I am running v2.0.6.  The list of Recipe Spoilers, can all these items upgraded?  For instance can the Bow of the Banshee +2 be upgraded with the Scraming Bagpipes and the Gesen Bowstring (or Gond)?  Is this done by Cromwell?



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4 hours ago, CplHicks24 said:

Bow of the Banshee +2

I would assume this is the end result of the upgrade... so do you have both all the incridients and the Bow of the Banshee -what_ever_it_is, likely +1 ?

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17 hours ago, Jarno Mikkola said:

Ahh, yeah, I read that wrong... but still, the point is that you need all the components listed and the item to upgrade it to be something better..

Hey thanks for the replies!  Okay, now my question is how do I get items upgraded?  For instance I have all the items to upgrade the

Nimblefinger Gloves:    Bracers of Archery + Bracers of Defense AC3 + Gloves of Pickpocketing,

but Cromwell does not see these components.  I am aware this can be a user error, and any advice will be appreciated.


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