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Un reactive Kivan

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Kivan so far initiates a regular chain of talks with 1/2 hour interval. He usually likes speaking outdoors and sometimes in the night time. I am away currently so unfortunately I cannot post conditions for each talk to occur. He also wants you to have relatively high rep iirc (>12) to talk.

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Hi! I downloaded the mod just yesterday and so far it's great - but I haven't gotten very far in the romance! The last and only time after meeting him he has talked to me when he asked about the acorns, that's all. After that he's been talking with other NPC's, especially Aerie. Looks like Aerie is getting the romance, not my PC. :p


My PC is female, elven and sorcerer and the first conversation went great, but it has been a long time in game time since the first dialogue appeared and nothing since. Is there something wrong? More importantly, I'd like to know how to speed up the romance / get the dialogues appearing via the CLUA console. How can I do that? I've been staring at the global variables in Shadow Keeper but I've no idea what to do.


Thanks again, Kivan was my favourite character in BG1 and a romance in BG2 with him sounds great - if only it would work.

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Oh, and I forgot..


Kivan was commenting EVERYTHING I did untill I got Lilacor in the Sewers. When the sword appeared and I got it into my inventory, a dialogue came up with Kivan, but it was the same thing that comes when I start the conversation with him in a flirt like manner (where you can either leave him be or ask him about his life). There were the same to option and the same answers. Since then he has not said a word, not even commented on anything I do - he has just had some dialogues with other NPC's in the party, but that's all.


So.. what's wrong?

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Well, to cut a long story short, I have made a mod as a One Day NPC - a mod made in one day (though in Kivan's case it took a week). So I released it, and then after a while decided to upgrade it. I am still doing the upgrades - which include the friendship talks and romance. I have not yet tested and released these upgrades. What you are playing is the stable beta that only have limited amount of the talks with Player 1 5 before the spellhold (try walking at night in an outdoor area), and 3 romantic talks after the spellhold if you show interest in Kivan in the earlier talks and find out from Aphril that Deheriana had died the final death.


I am also planning to weed out the interjections that indeed were coming hard and fast in the few first areas, but will be more sparse in the final.


Please, watch the progress report thread for the info on the final release.

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Guest Noctalys

Hey, it's just me again....


Ok, I've got my reputation up to 15, I've kept my party outside at night, and i've even gone so far as to use the "AdvanceRealTime" cheat to see a dialogue from Kivan and.....nothing. Not a peep. Well, besides that one dialogue about acorns that appears right after you get him and go into an indoor area. I wonder if this is happening to anyone else? It seems like some people have been able to play through it but not me....*sob* Is there anything I should do? Should I redownload V5 from a different mirror? Is my computer conspiring against me? Is it incompatable with a mod I installed? I would really like Kivan to *say* something to me....

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It's a hard bind, because I don't run V5 any more, I run V6 alpha. Do you want the alpha? If you do, please, give me a buzz. It will have a bunch of grammar problems, I am sure, and I have not checked every dialogue, but at least if you see a bug, I can troubleshoot for you.

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Guest Noctalys

I would *love* the alpha! However....


...at the risk of sounding like a complete and utter newbie, how exactly do I give you a buzz? (Oooh, bad grammar!) Do you mean E-mail? or just put a post here?


....I feel like the smelly new kid at school.


Do you want me to spell check or anything like that for you as well as report bugs, or do you already have that covered? I'll have quite a bit of time on my hands, as school vacation starts for me tomorrow and, as I live in the southern half of the United States, there really isn't much else to do except sit outside and watch the grass defrost. Quite a change from the big city, let me tell you!

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It would be fantastic if you could test for me. I was going to put a call for beta-testers a bit later, but a head start never hurts.


What I will need is anything of the following:


a) Grammar and 'doesn't sound good' issues, missed options

b) Too many interjections in the same area

c) Meaningless interjections

d) How come Kivan did not say anything to *that*?

e) "Normal" bugs


The easiest way to set stuff up will be if you could register to the board, then I can ask Cam to get you an access to the testing forum, and upload the version there. :)

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