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I have a weapon

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 WRITE_SHORT ~%SOURCE_SIZE%~ - 0x04 0x00

Some of the CREs in the game have an invalid "weapon slot selected." It's set to -1, and the creature appears in-game with no weapon selected (and most don't have provisions to switch weapons during combat). If it's on this list, it has the bad value, and it either has a weapon or was already getting patched by me (so why the hell not?).

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This is included in alpha 5; SUDROW04 was not found.


I found a few other creatures that had weapons not equipped, but I want to test to make sure their avatars won't cause CTDs before adding them: boo, ch3mag01, democler, grom05, grom08, kuocler0, magetest, pettin, turn, udgirl, vorsquir, wauksna, yaga02, yaga04, zilmag01. I'm very sure some of these are not necessary (Boo and the Vorpal Squirrel) but they've been included for thoroughness.

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SUDROW04 was not found
Yeah, this is a creature I create.


I found a few other creatures that had weapons not equipped
All are unused except for the GromGs, Yagas, and ZilMag01 (I include these from DG's tougher stuffer, where I somehow decided to patch the included files instead of copy and patch the base files at install-time).
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