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How to make a spell or an effect on a creature permanent and undispellable?

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Greetings, all!

Since I want to be able to allow player characters to undergo lich transformation,   Specifically, I want the below effects.  (I'm not focused on this being lore-friendly.  I just assumed a lich's life essence is trapped in its phylactery if it has one.)

Note that I purposely removed the standard 'immunity to spells of level X' like a typical lich since I don't want to break the AI, especially SCS.

-The subject becomes Undead, also becoming immune to level drain.

+1 INT, WIS, and CHA.

+3 bonus (or is it -3 bonus?) to natural AC.

-Immunity to mundane (that is, nonmagical) weapons.

+50% damage reduction to slashing and piercing weapons.

-Immunity to hostile polymorph effects, hostile [Mind-Affecting] effects, paralysis, death effects, and fatigue/exhaustion.

-Immunity to electricity, cold, and poison.  (That's effectively 100% resistance to each.)

-At-will lich touch (the IWD spell) as an innate ability.

-Continual see invisibility.


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Permanent undispellable effects? Easy; you can just look at kit passives for how that's done. Of course, you're doing a lot of things here, and many of those immunities need secondary effects to work properly. You're going to stack a whole lot of effects on the character - the sort of stuff that's usually implemented as equip effects of undroppable immunity items for monsters.

The rarest thing here is that type change ... which does have an opcode. Opcode 72, which is in fact only available as a permanent effect that can only be removed by overwriting it with a new one. Good thing you're not trying to do something reversible.

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