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Mur'Neth v14 Released for BGEE, EET, BGT, and Tutu


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Mur'Neth is an NPC mod for Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition or one of the Baldur's Gate conversions, Tutu, BGT, or EET. It adds one new joinable character, Mur'Neth the Ghaunadan.

Version 14 clears up a number of minor bugs.

v14 changelog

  • Fixed broken check for Garrick in one dialogue (thanks TotoR)
  • Mur'Neth comes with two rare selection sounds, like a normal Baldur's Gate NPC. Unfortunately these weren't really handled well, and various issues have been addressed:
    • On BGEE, these were slotted wrong and action sounds were played as rare selection sounds. The action and rare selection sounds now play properly.
    • On EET the rare selection sounds were being played as rare action sounds. This is fixed.
    • Tutu and BGT, like EET, played rare selection sounds as rare action sounds. Unlike EET these can only be fixed if Mixed Soundset support from TobEx AfterLife is installed first. If this is detected, the sounds will be adjusted to work properly. If TobEx AfterLife is not unavailable, the Remove Rare Select Sounds component can be used to work around the issue.
  • Fixed potential issues with re-installation when done as part of a WeiDU stack operation
  • Updated old support links in the installer and readme
  • Fixed a bug where the mod could choke on EE games with a modified Seven Eyes table
  • Updated Polish translation
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