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offset 0x0028 in GAM file in PST

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Don't know if this will help with this unknown block of bytes, but in pst if the game is saved without annah detecting traps, this byte is 00, if its saved with her detecting traps, its 02. In a save game with annah detecting traps, if the 02 is changed to 00, she is no longer detecting traps when the game is reloaded.

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I guess that field stores all actions made by any PC.

Probably in all engine versions, this find needs a bit more investigation.

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The field stores only persistent actions like:


1 - bardsong

2 - detecting traps

3 - hiding in shadows (only success)

4 - turning undead


The field exists in ALL engine versions, but in PST your options are a bit limited due to class restrictions.


My relevant struct looks like this:


typedef struct {

short selected;

short slot;

long creoffset;

long cresize;

char creresref[8]; //name of resource (if creature isn't embedded)

long direction;

char curarea[8];

short xpos, ypos;

short vrectx, vrecty;

//bardsong = 1

//detecting traps = 2

//hide in shadows = 3

//turning undead = 4

short action; <---- new field

short happiness;

char unknown2c[112];

char resrefs[3][8];

char unknownb4[12];

} gam_npc;

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So it stores the modal action, from modal.ids (or something like it).

Nice find.


It was by accident actually. PST doesn't have modal.ids so I was looking for a flag to check if Annah was checking for traps already so I saved with her checking, and not checking for traps and found that spot.

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