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Well, I can now answer my question i asked in the topic below :thumbsup:


There is an offset/counter pair after the familiar offset in .gam files.

The relevant parts:


long familiaroffset;

long slocoffset;

long sloccount;

long realtime;


The saved location offset usually points after the familiars' offset. And it is an optional field in the saved game. StorePartyLocations fills these arrays and RestorePartyLocations frees them up again. So you can use RestorePartyLocations only once.

The stored data is (one for each partymember):

typedef struct {

char area[8];

short xpos, ypos;

} gam_sloc;


As you see no orientation data is stored. One record is 12 bytes long (8+2+2).

DLTCEP 6.6 cannot load these savegames correctly, it will truncate the saved locations (and break the saved game).

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