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Looking for help from experienced modders and PAYING. Item design, art, and general modding

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Hello. I have long wanted to create a goofy mod in which Kangaxx can join the party, but in a weakened form. Essentially, the more bodyparts you allow him to have, the stronger he is, but if he doesn't respect you enough, he will just turn on you if you give him too many parts. With this said, I am looking for three kinds of help:

General modding

  • Get me set up, help me avoid common pitfalls, show me the ropes.
  • Help me design a system in which Kangaxx has different stats, effects and abilities based on what body parts he has.
  • Help me design a system in which you can gain respect with Kangaxx and have his behavior reflect it.
  • Help me out if I get stuck with something.

Item design

I have a bunch of magical items that are important to the mod. I imagine some are trivial to make, some require expertise, and some are impossible. In the latter case, I am hoping you can think of something similar that is possible.


I don't know if this is even possible, but if it's not prohibitively expensive I want animated character sprites for Kangaxx that reflect his current body composition (and the know-how for how to add them to the mod). For example, if he only has a leg, I want a golden skull hopping around on a golden leg.

And, if all goes well, I may eventually want a portrait, voice acting and music.

Other requirements

I'm paying for your skill but also for your discretion. That means not sharing mod details or my personal details with anyone.


My initial offer is $15/hour.

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