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Good evening everyone,

Before the relevant questions are asked, the context for understanding is first presented.

Custom Characters: This is intended for group members that were created before the start of the game

Party members: This is intended for group members that already exist in game(e.g. Jahiera or Khalid)

 REACT_TO_DIE_GENERAL: This is a sound-slot name that plays when a party member dies. 

The following was tested and observed:

  • When party members die in the game, custom characters react with the appropriate sound
  • When custom characters die, custom characters don't react with the appropriate sound
  • When custom characters die party members react with appropiate sound

This was tested with the following settings(Near Infinity):

  • Each custom character, 6 created in total, was given the "AoN: Trent" voice setting as a REACT_TO_DIE_GENERAL was recorded and set for that character sound
  • All characters were killed sequentially (This was done by giving one of the characters the same BSC scripts as Khalid and without)
  • Each custom character, 4 created in total, was given the "AoN: Trent" voice setting and Jaheira and Khalid were included to the party
  • A custom character was killed


  • Is it possible to trigger REACT_TO_DIE_GENERAL for a custom character when a custom characters dies?
  • How can this be achieved?


Thanks for reading this comment!

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Posted (edited)

Ok, after some testing the “issue” finally seems to be solved.

I'll post it here too so anyone looking for it can find an answer.

The line in the "CRE resource" is most likely identified as what triggers the language line:
Attribute   | Value | Offset | Size|
----------- | ----- | ------ | ----|
Script name | None  | 2698 h | 32  |

“None” prevents the voice line from being triggered. 
Maybe any other value triggers the voice line (my own name was successfully used for testing)

I'm not entirely sure if this qualifies as a bug. Maybe this is something for the EE fix pack? Any ideas or suggestions about this?



Off topic, but how can I create tables in a comment here? Also, is there a way to preview a comment before posting (Couldn't find one)?

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43 minutes ago, jmerry said:

OT: The "code" environment respects spacing and uses a monospaced font; I'd build the table in a text editor and copy it in. Also, the last button in the top bar (magnifying glass) is a preview.

Many thanks for the answer. It helps.

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