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Latest version released: beta 12

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Beta 12 is now out. A couple of UI fixes, a bunch of issues with the NPC Customization and Management component, and lots of smaller things.

Full changelog:

  • The previous fix to paladin Holy Aura is now properly installed (no more cloud animation).
  • Fixed cosmetic issue in the description text for Arcane Knowledge.
  • Extra level 6,7,8 arcane spells abilities are now available again.
  • Description of Spell Worm now notes that it does not remove 10th-level or Quest spells.
  • Ultroloths are correctly assigned a soundset.
  • Aasimar sunscorch now works properly, for real this time (it was being assigned the wrong projectile).
  • Clerics and druids should now have access to spells in the sphere of Divination (there was a namespace clash with the Divination school).
  • Cleric/Mages no longer have their mage spell restrictions imposed on their priest spells. (This got fixed in an earlier update but was broken by a more recent update to the way the UI is patched.)
  • Un-broken a UI edit that makes sure kit selection options are properly displayed (e.g. when choosing a god or a sorcerous bloodline) - this was broken in one of the recent updates to the UI,not 100% sure which.
  • If you dual-class into a mage speciality and then die, you don't lose your bonus spell.
  • Fixed an issue with the ability point-buy system that in rare circumstances could cause the ability screen to hang.
  • NPC Customization and Management correctly skips certain characters (notably Hexxat and Caelar) who shouldn't be set to level zero.
  • NPC Customization and Management now correctly displays the extra thief skill points you get when advancing to first level.
  • NPC Customization and Management now populates the spellbooks of generalist mages (including multi-classed and dual-classed mages) and wild mages.
  • NPC Customization and Management no longer removes character-specific innates (e.g. Minsc's Berserk ability).
  • Fixed some cosmetic issues in the descriptions of the new arcane spells.
  • Fixed some cosmetic issues in the changes to spell descriptions in the spell tweaks components.
  • New spell tweak: Otiluke's Freezing Sphere does half damage on a successful save.
  • New spell tweak: Glyph of Warding does half damage on a successful save (BG/BG2 only; this is already true on IWD).
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NB: I'm going to be travelling for work for most of the next month, so may be very slow responding to problems.

This of course guarantees gamebreaking problems in this release, for which I can only apologize!

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Few bugs that i noticed :

Jan dont have enough stats to use his personal weapons due to the decreased stats on npc.
Valygar also dont have enough stats to use his personal armor and katana
Dwarven Defenders improved defensive stance from the HL abilties that can lvl it 4 times doesnt provide the magic resistant that the tooltip mentioning while Stance is on.
Light Sensitivity debuff can randomly stop working.

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NPC Customization and Management

Candlekeep prologue: When PC enters the training session in in the cellar, she gets in a group with level 2 characters. The PC receives instantly XP to level up.

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I don't know if you corrected this too, but the headers of Glyph of Warding only extend to 18d4 damage, which is an odd restriction, I think (maybe balance? max damage of 72 vs. 80? A few others spells do this for unknown reasons, like Phantom Blade.

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This isn't really meant as a bug report thread. If you spot a bug, look through the existing threads; if you don't find that bug already reported, make a new thread for it.

I'll put up the thread for barbarian usability issues.

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