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  1. This fight is optional, come back later when your group is stronger. The rest of the quest does not get easier though.
  2. Will the players party spells be refreshed when the second part of the fight begins? Like when they have rested? Then the player would have guaranteed the possibility of rebuffing.
  3. I can confirm this for my installation of SCS + SR* + IR*, the IR Potion of Haste does not cancel a slow effect. On a weird way, both effects apply simultaneously. The Haste spell cancels out slow effects like it should. * not the Revised versions!
  4. Imprisonment & Freedom Intended way of Imprisonment in SR how I understand it: Victim is send to a maze. After a cpuple of rounds, he returns and dies. My assumption: Freedom is the counter to Imprisonment. Actual behavoir ingame: If Freedom is cast, the still-in maze-victim of Imprisonment is freeed from the maze. However, he will still die after a couple of rounds. This is not intended, isn't it?
  5. I don't find Karkh exceptionally difficult to bring down. Bring his defenses down, spam him with summonlings, cast insects, shoot him from afar... I don't want to say it is easy, but quite doable. And for the comparison with Sarevok - Sarevok is not that special on his own, as is the Baalspawn PC. It is the combination with the companions that makes a strong force. Karkh is on his own. A single foe will never be as powerful as a party.
  6. Feedback to some of subtledoctors patches: Silver weapons vs Loup garou etc - check for Flame Tounge and Werebane Mareks antidote works as intended - check Daystar does not do damage anymore when equipped - check Bracers of Speed - still an anmiation when triggered, and no fatigue effect anmyore - I think this was not intended?
  7. Druid Stronghold: For winning the duel and becoming the Great Druid, the player is awarded with a Ring of Protection +2 and the Clerics Staff + 3, which cannot be used by druids.
  8. After I have finished BG1 with a Shapeshifter shaped up () by SCS, I want to give some feedback. BG1EE + SoD Mods: SCS 33.1, Spell Revisions v4b18, Item Revisions v4beta10 (+subtedoctors patches), BG1NPC v24.8, Tweaks v9, ATweaks v4.53 Difficultiy: Insane NPC customization component Montaron the Assassin, Kivan the Archer, Safana the Swashbuckler - this component makes the NPCs so much more viable! Zombie-Neera: If Neera gets hit in the initial combat, she cannot be killed and stays at 1 hp. After the combat ends, she is set to level 0
  9. I might update the german translation.
  10. Nevermind, it was my fault - I should read the optcode description carefully before posting... As there are no visual indicators on radii, it is pointlessly complicated for the player to have so many different sizes. When casting Defensive Harmony, I often end up guarding all but my tank... and with the short duration it is the last buff before heading into battle... Speaking of, what about giving the Shield of Falling Stars a few casts of this spell instead of an aura? I really would reduce the number of sizes. E.g. 30' and 15'.
  11. Hey Bartimaeus, I just looked at the Nature's Ward +2 shield with Nearfinity. It appears to me the Nature's Blessing property is actually doing nothing, or am I overseeing something? My bad, it's working as intended. And good to see you tackle the Shield of Falling Stars, this item acts so weird right now.
  12. Yes, thanks. The (german) description of the greater werewolf says the paws count as +2, in fact hey have +3 enchantment.
  13. OK. Thanks to your signature (reference to renewed edition of Ascension) I had to reinstall once again - you really should consider an AIO-button Now I imported my Shapeshifter from Dragonspear to Irenicus Dungeon, but the paws are gone, and no innate is available to create them. Is this intended in any way? A new game with an random shapeshifter also gets no innate to generate the paws... BTW The "Improved shapeshifter" component is pure gold (my opinion at the end of BG1). The only downside is the lesser werewolf form, which isn't appealing in any way.
  14. Is there a possibility to install multiple options without being asked for every item? e.g. all "AI enhancments" or all "Tactical challenges" at once.
  15. It's linked to Spell Revisions. I'm using Spell Revisions Revised, but as far as I can see it will also happen with the official Beta 16
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