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  1. It's linked to Spell Revisions. I'm using Spell Revisions Revised, but as far as I can see it will also happen with the official Beta 16
  2. Same for me, the Debug-file says: And indeed, the file mentioned is not there (nor the folder exists....) Btw, is there a possiblity to install all components of "Smarter something" and "Improved something" at once?
  3. Didn't know that, thanks for the explanation. Is this documented anywhere? IMHO such things are one big reason for an official release incl. updated readme.
  4. On BG2EE with SCS v31, SR v4b16 and IR v4b10: Bracers of Speed When the 5% fatigue effect triggers, the character performs an animation like he is casting a spell. This is annoying, as he stops attacking. Saving Grace +3 No Bug here, but it was hilarious to see Kangaxx bashing his skull against this shield killing himself in the process. The floating skull in Watchers Keep did the same. Felt not right. This shield is the only item that deals damage to the attacker even if the attacker did not hit.
  5. Yes please. Or reduce their numbers. Last time I thought I was smart and sneaked past to get to Firkraag, but on the way back a bunch of orcs was blocking the way out. I had to attack the orcs which was alarming the vampires... 20 attempts until I barely survived. Everthing else in this dungeon is a cakewalk against these friends.
  6. Daystar +4 The weapon causes 2 damage to the wielder each time it is equipped. The EFF for applying "+2 bonus to evil creatures" seems entirely broken (at least it is looking completely different to the EFF of similar effects like the the +6 damage vs evil from Foebane +5).
  7. I can confirm this error in b16. The problem is the CON penalty, which not only lowers the maximum hit points, but also the current hit points. Since there is only 1 hitpoint after raising the target, the target dies again immediately. Deleting the CON penalty via NearInfinity worked for me.
  8. For clarification: EET was not installed. The bug was caused by IR. But the fix from the linked thread worked for me nevertheless.
  9. Notices from my BGEE walkthrough (IR, SR and SCS installed): - The quest where you got poisened by Marek in the city is not solvable with the potion provided by IR (due to changes in EE patch 2.5, problem and solution documented here: http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=29585) - The "Shield of Falling Stars" has a mini-bam which looks silly for a towershield. - If you pick up Safana, she has profiency in Scimitar, but wields an Ninja-to (inconsistent due to the weapon changes introduced by IR). - The werewolf in Ulgoth's Beard (Loup garou/Mendas/Selaad Gan) can only be hit with weapons with the "Cold Iron" property. I found no weapon with this property (I tried Varscona, Baldurans Sword, Werebane and Flame Tongue). At least Werebane and Baldurans Sword should be able to hit this beast. Currently only magic works.
  10. Damn engine... for me the monk always looked like a fighter without armor... I'm following the development of your mods for years, I'm used to wait. ;-)
  11. I think they should be allowed to use (and be proficient with) quarterstaffs. It even seems to be more appropriate for a monk to wield a large stick than a longsword. Thus the restriction would affect only missile weapons (or are there other two-handed weapons a thief can use?). Of course this is a very small refinement with minor impact on gameplay.
  12. Revised Armors Sorry, I should have quoted disputable lines (first post in this thread):
  13. Weapon Changes Isn't the difference between short swords and long swords more like +1 damage? Base damage short sword 1d6 -> 3.5 average damage per hit Base damage long sword 1d8 -> 4.5 average damage per hit Or am I missing something? Revised Armors While I like the upgrade of heavy armor, I think the categorizing is a bit confusing. Within your Item Index and Kit Revisions' class descriptions hide armors are light armor and splint armors is called a medium armor. So this should be considered when writing the readme and stuff.
  14. This is bad :-( While this is neat and could have merit in a "real" PnP game, in BG2 you're better off smacking something with a Flame Arrow to check his resistance to fire than "observing him". In addition, Kit Revisions isn't really made to be played with Improved Anvil and similar mods (if there are such) which grant creatures immunites which surpass human-like standards. I mostly play stealth-like characters and scout the area to have a chance for preparing for the next fight. The mentioned skill would come in handy for preparing for tougher enemies...good examples are the Ghost-Warrior at Ulcaster (BG1) or the Ravager (TOB) - up to now I don't know their weaknesses (if there are any) - I simply pimp my best warrior and try to smack them up, not always with a positive outcome. ;-) I don't know the Improved Anvil mod. Normally I play with SWS, and one round with wasted spells/actions mostly results in necessity to reload, esp. vs. spellcasters. Try to rate the skill from the point of view of someone who didn't defeated Sarevok multiple times and knows every enemy in Amn by heart. :-)
  15. Hi, I have another idea for the whole Quarry-Skill: It's all about observing the target and getting information, so why is there just an abtract effect like negative AC? Why not giving the player real information about the target? It always bothered my that I have to find the weakness of the enemy by trying all the different damage-types, disable-skills and -spells. It would be really helpful if the player had a tool to get wisdom about an enemy: Hitpoints, AC, THAC0, saves, damage resistances, immunities (this is not a complete list...). Informations you normally only can get through external tools. This would make such a skill very valuable IMHO, especially vs. bosses. When using the skill on a target, there would be a text-message like: "The enemy is immune to crushing damage." "The enemy is very vulnerable to fire damage." "The enemy's saving throw against spells is 8." or more RP-like: "The beasts skin is to thick to be pierced with arrows." "There is not a single weak spot on this monster, so backstabs will prapably fail." or just plain numbers: "This human has AC 2." "This creature strikes with a THAC0 of 7." Obviously this would also fit the "Know Opponent"-spell or as an innate for thieves. Perhaps every class could gather different informations? It also could getting better with higher levels for balancing purposes: On lower levels, there could be uncertainties or simply be much less information displayed. I'm curious what you think about that idea. :-) Perhaps this was mentioned somewhere else, then I'm sorry, but I didn't found it in the forums.
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