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IWD2 creature unknowns


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The 5 Iwd2 creature internals (local variable substitute) are stored on:

0x274 5x2 (word) Internals


SetInternal(object, 0-4, <wordvalue>), IncrementInternal, etc.


The saved location is stored on:

0x2ec 2 (word) Saved location X

0x2ef 2 (word) Saved location Y

0x2f0 2 (word) Saved location orientation

Usage: SetSavedLocation(), SetSavedLocationPoint(x,y,dir) <-- not tested, returntosavedlocation....

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Yeah, sorry.

They are on 0x2a0, (skipping an unknown dword between the script block and internals)


0x0274 8 (resref) creature script ("override" script?)

0x027c 8 (resref) creature script ("special 2" script?)

0x0284 8 (resref) creature script ("combat" script?)

0x028c 8 (resref) creature script ("special 3" script?)

0x0294 8 (resref) creature script ("movement" script?)

0x029c 4 (dword) unknown

0x02a0 5x2 (word) Internals, see SetInternal

0x02aa 66 (bytes) unknown

0x02ec 2 (word) Saved location X, see SaveLocation

0x02ef 2 (word) Saved location Y

0x02f0 2 (word) Saved location Orientation

0x02f2 146 (bytes) unknown

0x0384 1 (byte) "Enemy-Ally" type (see EA.IDS). This field and the next several


I hope i got it right this time :)

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