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Shoving your .dlg where


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-Make a folder in your main BG directory that will contain your mod

-Make subfolders for you CRE, ITM, D etc

- place your D, CRE, ITM etc files in those subfolders

-Then make the WeiDU installer (Setup-NNN.exe) and Setup-NNN.tp2 file, where NNN is the name of your mod.

-Check WeiDU documentation for the instructions about tp2's and installer. Check out Ghrey's tutorial for a walk-through to building an NPC.

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OK. What is it exactly that you are trying to do? Which of the 3 basic dialogue files you are trying to assign?


The 'initial' dialogue file can be either assigned on the CRE using NI after you have compiled it and placed into override; The better way (imo, others disagree) is to do WRITE_ASCII in the tp2 file to whatever offset it goes.


Banter file (B-file) is assigned to the INTEDIA.2DA in TP2


Interjections etc dialogue file (J-file) is assigned to PDIALOGUE.2DA in TP2


JC had a tutorial on the 'types of files and what they do' - check PPG tut section. I think I had a small expansion to Ghrey's tutorial with a sample TP2 file assigning B and J files somewhere at Studios.


If all else fails, download one of the one-days NPCs and check out their TP2s and ask what line does what if you can't figuer it out.


Cheers, and have fun.

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OK... take your text file, rename the extension from txt to D and place in your main BG2 folder. Start WeiDU. In the command prompt of weidu type in:


weidu nnn.d


where nnn is the name of your file. That will compile your file (if there are no coding errors) and place the resulted new DLG file into override (or APPEND lines to the existing files). If there are coding errors WeiDU will list the first one quoting the line number (make sure you have the Context line numbering option enabled).


READ WEIDU documentation, please. It has practice exersises that allow you to become familiar with compiling and file structure.

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