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specialist mages


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Has a way ever been found to give specialist mages the following bonuses that the developers had originally planned to add, and evidently forgot to include?:


Because of their specialization, these mages receive a +15% chance to learn spells from their school but suffer a -15% penalty when learning spells outside their specialty. When saving against spells within his chosen school, the specialist receives a +1 to saving throws. Similarily, the specialist's enemies suffer a -1 penalty when saving against spells cast by the specialist within his field.


(Source for that is the Planet Baldur's Gate website, I've actually not found it in the manual.)


Or have other ways been found to tweak specialization so that the specialization school's spells provide greater benefits of some sort to the specialist?

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I don't think it is possible to change learning percentages and saves, although I think I read Galacytgon figured out a way, so it might be.


Expanding specialisations to be more diverse is something I'd like to do in the future, and NiGHTMARE and I have discussed it, but no code yet.

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