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Customizing a Kit

Guest Usually Lurking

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Guest Usually Lurking

I usually just lurk quietly trying to soak up some good info, but the excellent tutorials and information given to posters got me motivated to create my first mod, a kit of course. Well I was able to get almost everything working as intended but there are still a few tweaks I'd like to make that I haven't been able to get to work or don't know how to implement. Any advice/information offered would be greatly appreciated.


#1 - Is there a way to implement a custom experience point table for a new kit without messing with/up another kits or classes table? If so what's the best way to begin to tackle this?


#2 - I've tried using NI to create a "spell" for the CLAB file that didn't allow this kit use of specific items. However upon character creation if I CLUA the items into the inventory they can still be used. I made a separate effect for each item using opcode 180. (each belt of giant strength in case it matters)


#3 - I found the opcode to grant specific extra weapon proficiencies but I haven't been able to find how to grant an extra "available" proficiency upon level ups. I don't want to start the kit out with a bunch of extra proficiencies. For balance I'd rather be able to spread them out over time but I can't plan for each possible scenario of proficiency allotment.





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1. Not possible, I am afraid.


2. Hmm... I'd check the timing mode. I think you want number 9, which is labelled in most editors something like Instant/Permanent After Death.


3. Again, I don't think it is possible...

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Guest Usually Lurking

@ Andyr - Thanks for the quick reply, I appreciate the info.


#1 - I figured as much but had to ask.


#2 - I'll give that one a try I was using Instant/Permanant as the timing.


#3 - Yeah, figured that'd be the response but again, had to ask.



Again, thanks for taking the time to respond.




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@ Andyr - I just got home and looked everything up in NI. In regard to my #2 Option 9 is Instant/Permanent, which I had, but I tried Timing Mode 1 which is Instant/Permanent until Death. That one didn't work either so I'll give the others a try as I really need to keep the strength enhancing belts away from this kit. As for the proficiencies issue I'm just gonna give a couple to start with.





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Ah, you registered, welcome. :p


If the timing's not working, the only other things I could think of to check the probabilities are set correctly and Target is Self. Oh, one more thing. I don't know that that opcode will make the item appear red, just stop you from equipping it. So if you've just seen the absence of red and presumed failure, that might not be the case - make sure to try to equip it, too.

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Thank you, I figured if I'm going to participate on the board I should have the manners to register. Plus after lurking for almost a year it was probably about time anyway.


Okay well I spent about 3 hours last night opening and closing NI, starting a new game and loading up a character all to no avail. I've tried Target as Self and Pre-Target with every Timing option available and nothing seemed to work. I did think about that when the first couple times I wasn't seeing the items go red, so I tried equiping them and was able to. Well I'm pretty stumped on that one. So I tried the proficiency modifier to grant additional initial proficiencies and could get that one right either. I even tried bouncing the spell level from 1 to 0.


[Edit]\ Just had a thought - what's the Power field for? Could that have an effect?



I even saved and looked in Shadow Keeper at the Effects, I think, tab. The abilities that aren't working aren't showing up there so for some reason the game isn't even reading the .SPL file correctly/at all. So tonight I'll be back at it looking at what works and trying to figure out the why behind what doesn't. It'd be nice to figure it out before my vacation on Saturday but I really don't think that's gonna happen.


Honestly it's really not that big a deal for my own games, but if I follow this path and end up trying to make an NPC mod it would have to work. But at that point I would hope to be experienced enough to make it so something really bad happened (okay maybe just something not nice) if ANY strength enhancing item was equiped on the character.


As always thanks for the help it is GREATLY appreciated!



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Which program are you using? In NI (Near Infinity) the probability field must be set at 100 / 0 rather than the more obvious 0 - 100.


@ the bigg - Yes I am using NI, and I had been setting the probability1 field to 100 and the Probability2 field to 0. However I was beginning to question that so I appreciate your confirmation as that just saved me another couple hours test each Timing setting with one or both of the probabilities fields set to 100. I know it's something really simple but I'm just not seeing it, though not for lack of looking!


[Edit]\ forgot to mention before but in despiration I even tried making a .SPL file that made the character immune to, I believe, "strength modifier" - also not effective.

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The Power field is, I think, something like the level the ability is used at - used for things that can be dispelled to say how hard it is. I think. Shouldn't affect you at all.


The other one not working also suggests there could be a consistent error you're making, though I'm not sure what it could be. Perhaps try to use another .SPL from a .CLAB as a basis, change it bit by bit, see when it stops working?

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@ Andyr - Yep. That's kind of where I was anticipating this was headed. Well at least if I don't get it tonight I got a week in Jamaica to recharge and then come back with a fresh perspective. :p Anyway, thanks again for all your help and I'll let you know how things are going once I get back home.


@ the bigg - Thanks for your input as well. Having to watching the opening cut-scene 10+ more times for nothing might have lead to a very broken computer.




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Have fun on holiday. :p


There is a way you could get round the cutscene thing. Save a game with your kit where you are say, level 10. Then (regardless of where it will be going in the final version) assign your item-disabling feature to kick in at level 11. Then all you need to do to test if it's working (or what is going on) is load the save and CLUA up a level.


And when it's working, just move it back to the proper place in the CLAB. No more character creation, no more long cutscene to wait through.

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@Andyr and the bigg - Big thanks for all your input. Something in Jamaica must have agreed with me as everything now works. YEA! I installed DLTCEP and found some inconsistancies that I wasn't seeing in NI (btw Andyr your initial post regarding the timing mode was spot on for DLTCEP, amazing for off the top of your head!). Excellent ideas on avoiding the opening cut scene gentlemen, that really helped :p .


Now that I have it all working and am preparing for a run-through does anything in the following Advantages\Disadvantages appear too unbalancing for a Thief kit? I did make a custom HLA table mixing of some of the abilities from each of the Fighter and Thief tables (definitely no "use any item" ability).



Immune to Fear and Morale failure

May allot 3 points to both single & 2-weapon styles

+1 To AC at lvl 1, 6 then every 6th lvl thereafter

+1 to hit/damage at lvl 1, 6 then every 6th lvl thereafter

-1 to Weapon Speed every 4th level

+1 Proficiency point to single weapon style at lvl 1

+1 Proficiency point to 2-weapon style at lvl 1

+1 Attacks per round at lvl 1, 15 and 30

+15 to Stealth and Hide in Shadows

+5 to find/remove traps and lock picking

+1 HP per odd level



May not dual class

Must be NG or NE

May not wear strength enhancing girdles

-2 to Strength

-1 to Charisma

May only attain High Mastery (****) in small swords:

(short, scimitar, wakuzi, ninja-to, etc)

May only attain Mastery (***) in:

Short bows, darts, and slings

May only specialize (**) in long swords and Katanas.

May not allot proficiency points to:

two handed weapon style or sword and shield weapon style.

May use other available weapons with the normal no proficiency penalties.

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I don't think the effects ingame can be used to give bonuses to a proficiency score, only to set them. So that would unfortunately stop some of them working.


In addition, alignment restrictions are not really disadvantages. :p


If you were intending to put all of these onto a single kit, it sounds a little excessive - perhaps you could get the same flavour with a shorter list? What's the idea behind the kit?

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