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Imoen - Bard?


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A while back I created a small mod called 'Imoen the Bard', though it was never "officially" released. I was just thinking that the main two components of it would fit in NPC Tweak pretty well. Here's some quotes from the readme:


This mod was originally created to simply change Imoen into a bard, which personally I feel better suits her personality... plus both her thieving and wizardly abilities improve at the same time (though of course she can no longer hide in shadows or move silently). Then I added an optional new bard kit for her - one which makes her somewhat like a cut down thief/mage multi-class.


ARCANE ROGUE: Whereas the typical bard is an entertainer who has taught himself arcane spellcasting and sleight-of-hand, the arcane rogue devotes himself to the simultaenous study of wizardry and thieving. As such, he has several extra thief abilities and improved access to spells, but no unique bard abilities.



- May backstab for a lesser amount than the thief class (level 1-8: x1, level 9-16: x2, level 17+: x3)

- Can set traps

- Memorises one extra spell per level

- Bard Song gives bonuses to allied thieves' abilities (except stealth)



- Can only be proficient in the weapons a mage/thief can use

- Gains lore at a rate of only 3 per level


If you're interested, let me know and I'll send over the relevant files :p.

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could ya send it to me too....  pretty please  :p


hofmannk at gmx dot net







[ I obscured your email address to hinder the spambots a bit -- O_S ]

Spambots are intelligent enough to work around the 'foo at bar dot baz' obfuscation, you might as well use none :p


An efficient one is 'bar.baz after the usual symbol, [insert here a sentence, written in small text], foo before the usual symbol'.

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