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  1. Your monitor does not do what this mod does. Your monitor takes, for example, the game at 800x600 and just stretches it to the full size of your monitor. This mod makes the game the actual size of your monitor, 1440x900 for example. Your monitor does not make the game 1400x900 it just stretches the normal game sizes to full screen. I hope I explained that well, if not the Bigg will surely correct me.
  2. I had a custom barbarian. He started with a quarterstaff and 14gp. An axe costs 7gp, leather armor costs more gold than I start with.
  3. Starting a new game is hard. At the shop in town all the stuff costs too much and a 1st level barbarian only has 14gp, I cant even buy an axe for that. Might want to take a look at the store prices. I dont remember if this is normal or not but it doesnt seem like it.
  4. Cool, thanks. Installed fine will start a game tomorrow and let you know any bugs I find. ronin
  5. Um... how do you install it? Let me be more specific. I downloaded the two files you put on the ftp site. Where do I extract them to? Iwd1 or iwd2 ronin
  6. I made no changes to his mod, I just patched everything instead of overwriting so a wider group of people could enjoy his work, there was absolutely no content changed. ronin
  7. Thank you for taking the time to reply aVENGER. I will not distribute your upgraded mod and will use it for my own personal use. ronin
  8. Once the Fixpack comes out of beta then I will probably just comment out that section alltogether because then most everyone will be using the new fixpack. ronin
  9. I will agree, some of the Shadow Thief improvements are somewhat dubious. The shadow thieves have ueber stats and great weapon proficiencies. Right now I am not changing any content just updating like I already said. @CamDawg, I added a note that the elven fixes are added by g3 fixpack but left it enabled in case someone still uses the bd-weidu or baldurdash. ronin
  10. Area's ar0329 was overwritten, aran02.cre, gaelan02.cre, booter2, arled, plus numerous others. BCS files for ar0312, 0328, 0329. HLA 2da's were overwritten, a few clab files and luba and luth were overwritten along with weapprof. The biggest problem tho was with the creatures, you couldnt even install BP on top of apack without it crapping out with invalid creature errors. I dont know exactly the problem was with aVENGER's creature files but by patching them instead of overwriting I dont get the errors anymore when installing BP afterwards. If/when aVENGER answers my PM I will be able to tell you more if we are able to work together or not. So far the tp2 has gone from an origina line count of 412 to 2117 and I have about 10 creatures left to patch. ronin
  11. I have sent aVENGER a PM over at Mistresslair requesting permissionn to rerelease the apack. They have a new address so you can update your bookmarks: http://www.mistresslair.net/community/ It would be nice to compare notes with you, but first I would like to get the apack updated so people can actually use it again without it overwriting lots of files. Then I will take a look at making the content more actual. Maybe we could somehow combine the two mods to make a RogueRemix, the encounters in the apack are pretty good when they dont overwrite files and the mod was, IMHO, very well done. ronin
  12. @Andyr, I am updating the apack, but to only make it compatible with other mods.. i.e. no overwriting, I am not changing the content at all. I plan on rereleasing it if I dont hear from aVENGER by the end of next week (his email address returns an unknown email). If you are interested in improving the mod (HLA's and the such) you are more than welcome to, just PM me. I think its better to have one updated version floating around than 3 or 4 different versions. ronin **edit** one more thing, we could also work together to make apack and Song and Silence work together.
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