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  1. I guess I should learn to read before I ask questions. sorry
  2. with a new install is hotfix 4.1 still needed or will 4.2 suffice?
  3. did anyone else have to manually edit the icewind.ini so that CD1 points to the installation directory and not the cd drive. If I dont do that I have to click continue about a gabillion times during the resources installation. Weird because it never happened with V2 and they are all full installs.
  4. missing files after the installer: AR3101.TIS AR3101.WED AM_3101A.WAV Is that to be expected? thanks ***edit*** disregard this, after a second attempt at the install they were not missing.
  5. The AI script that you can install with the tweaks is in need of an overhaul. If an npc with the script is using a ranged weapon they do not switch to another weapon when they are in close combat, you hae to pause and manually switch them. They also do not use any potions or scrolls in the quick slots.
  6. I had exactly the same thing happen to me but wasnt sure if it was normal iwd or not since I hadnt played iwd in years.
  7. I bet you that was the problem I had in ar3000 with my quick and autosaves. Thanks
  8. yeti's are no challenge either, I remember them being tougher in the original IWD and I am playing on core. Orcs and goblins are ok and as I said before goblins are tougher than lesser shadows and about the same as yeti's. I will start a new game tonite at home because I forgot 90% of the quests in the starting town so lost alot of XP that way. I will wait for the new patch before I start though.
  9. on a minor thought, lesser shadows are easier than goblins to kill and they very rarely even land a blow to any of the party, even my mage with an AC of 4 they very rarely hit.
  10. stinking cloud scroll CTD'd my game. more info for you. when first casting it it works ok for a few seconds and as time goes on the game gets slower and slower till you cant do anything and then the microsh!t window comes
  11. Its CTD's when the trap graphics start inside the crypt. And the second CTD was my auto and quicksave when just outside of the crypt before going in. I am trying right now to do it again to see if its ar3000 that is causing it. ***edit*** play thru till the crypt again, went in and it autosaved, loaded the autosave and it loaded fine. will go in and fight the skeletons and set the trap off again and see what happens to my autosave
  12. First bug, I think. In the vale of the shadows, in the first crypt (top most right one). I wasnt detecting traps and went up the right stairway and of course set off the trap. The game slowed down to nothing, about 3 frames per minute (yes, i said minute) and then after a while (l let it run) the windows box popped up asking if I want to send an error report to Microsh!t. Reloaded and tried again with same results. 3rd time I detected and disabled the trap and had no problems. Looks like a spell graphics problem when the trap is set off. Loading the save game from inside the crypt works. Loading the autosave or my quick save from just outside of the crypt CTD's after the loading indicator starts to move a little bit. Clearing out the temp and cache did not help any. Any other save game works correctly. Deleting ar3401 and ar3000 from the save game files (auto and quick) did not resolve the issue either. Damn, my only other save was from when I first entered kuldahar so I gotta do that whole section over. Oh well, thats beta testing for ya
  13. Well, you do not need the forum access to actually get the beta from the link the bigg provided, just download the "Download Link (Windows Binary)" and open the archive, then rename the WeiDU.exe in it as setup-widescreen.exe. You can then run the widescreen-v2.1.exe, and exit the WeiDU window to get the other files, and then copy over the renamed WeiDU.exe from the extracted archive... and then run it. And it works, THANKS, the bigg. Your right and it works great, thanks
  14. Trying to get to the beta page to grab it give me the following error: The topic or board you are looking for appears to be either missing or off limits to you.
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