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What exactly are we doing here?

Guest Radish_hoedown

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Guest Radish_hoedown

i was wondering.. what part of say.. BG2, is actually the IE ENGINE, and not the game itself?


also i was wondering, how far we are from a playable release. if someone could give me a compile for dummies tutorial i would gladly bugtest it..

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We rewrite the code residing in the .exe.

It contains code, and some hardcoded data.

We move this hardcoded data out to .2da tables.

And we create a guiscript engine which is easily moddable.

The original engine had the gui scripts embedded in the .exe (and it used the lua scripting language instead of python).

We also plan to add new formats (.ogg for example).

And we plan to add 3d avatars coming from blender.

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