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After Deheriana is resurrected - problem. Help!

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I`ve reached Demin, who has raised Deheriana on request. So far, so good.


But soon after this, Deheriana remains silent, and Kivan starts romancing Aerie! (I get the Kivan-initiated dialogues with Aerie about limping/blisters, and then a broken mirror).


Kivan then gives a jasmine flower to Deheriana, who expires shortly thereafter.


What gives?


I`m running the latest version of Mac BG2 + ToB, with V5 of the mod.



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This is bad. This means that Weights had become compromised. I am putting it on my list to move all these talks to J-file to eliminate the problem.


As a desperate remedy, please set


Global("P#DeherianaLives","GLOBAL",4) and do a Ctrl+I to get the 'I live' talk.


I am very sorry about that, I have dealt with the similar problem a few times since, but I did not know that at the time of making earlier versions, and since it worked in my testing, I never thought about it twice.

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Thanks for your reply, Domi.


However, I have a couple of problems still:


For some reason, the # mark doesn't appear when I type it in the CLUAConsole (Mac OS X version of BG2). So I end up typing this:




Will this work? CLUAConsole seems to accept it.



Also, do you know what is the Mac keyboard equivalent of Ctrl+I? Nothing I've tried seems to work - I end up getting the Inventory, or nothing.


Sorry to trouble you, but I'm stuck, and I'd really like to continue playing with your mod.






Edit: Using SetGlobal("PDeherianaLives","GLOBAL",4) doesn't work. :D

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OK, I found out why I couldn`t input the # symbol - I was using the UK keyboard mapping; after I changed to the US key-mapping, it worked.


But still no joy with Ctrl-I; I`ve left my party standing around in Demin`s house (with Deheriana), waiting for the latter to say something. How long should it take?

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because we 'cheated' on the GLOBAL, the talk now does not have the script that should prompt it; it can only be speed up via Ctrl+I (perhaps, you could ask Mac equivalent of it in the Mac community?) or it would occur when the banter engin will reach Deheriana's turn to talk.


The way you have it now, they would not die in the end of the game, but she would not get a chunk of experience for getting restored unless the talk occurs.


Another way you could try getting the talk is to set:






That might make the talk fire, but I am paranoid about the weights; she might start a banter with a party member instead; then all you can do is Ctrl+I unfortunately.


Hope that helps.

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Hi Domi


Thanks for your reply; I`ll try as you suggested.


Meanwhile, I left the group standing around for about 2 hours (real time) doing nothing, and there have been no banters from anyone.




I tried the codes in your post above; it worked! I got the `happy banter`. Thanks a lot. :D

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