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Coran's quest?

Guest KittyCrack

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Guest KittyCrack

Ok, I'll get the obligatory compliments out of the way :D : I really like the Coran romance, I think it's very well written and I got quite stuck into it (I remember that I actually got annoyed when he started ogling barmaids at some point!).


Anyway I want to know when Coran's quest starts. One thread mentions that it's not chapter dependant, so after the 'vow' LT, just before I went to tackle the Iron Throne, I left the game on pause for an hour or so and nothing happened (and I set LT timers to 30 minutes in the install). So is there something I have to do, or somewhere I have to go -or whatnot- to kick off the romance?

(And I'm sorry if this question was answered somewhere really obvious that I was just too absent-minded to look at).



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