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Suggestions for MoinesseAvatar Install?

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Hi Sirs,

I'd like to install the Moinesse Avatar. But before doing so there are some questions.


I'm planning to play BG1 with bg1tutu on 3 LANconnected pc.

I have already installed:



harden coonor (only the 2nd ice lvl)


bg1npc project

sirine's call

divine remix

tweacks pack


* Is the M.A. install not raccomended? (i mean, i've read that weidu mods should be installed after divine remix or tweack pack, but M.A. seems to do little changes to the game's BAM and no other...)

* Are there any known issue with M.A. and the mods i have installed?

* If i ONLY install the elven mage with long hair, do i reduce the risk of game crash?


Thanx a lot for any reply.


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Thanx a lot Andyr, now it is working fine...


PS: Dr. Strangelove... I've seen that film four times... absolutely amazing! ^^

I don't know the english scripts (i am italian) but a quote should sound like this:

"Yes Dimitri... I agree with you... It's a good thing to be fine...

...Listen Dimitri... Do you remember when we've talken about the bomb...

...What bomb?... THE bomb Dimitri... the atomic one..."


Wonderful! ^^

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